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NIGHT SOUNDS: From Podcast to Print

Frantic, hungry claws scraping against wood…

The whining of a drill as it grinds through bone…

The ravings of a lunatic amid the honking of gridlocked cars…

Agonized shrieks through the phone line, the rending of flesh…

The hypnotic, deadly tones of a calliope on a warm summer night…

When the sun goes down and darkness claims the land…

When the silence descends, isolating the lonely, the desperate, the weak…

These are the NIGHT SOUNDS

Night Sounds: From Podcast to Print, is a collection of scary, sometimes humorous stories, mostly written for popular fiction podcasts. The book is a throwback to Anderson’s earliest fiction influences, what we now call Old Time Radio.  

“I spent many nights laying out under the stars listening to rebroadcasts of Lights Out, Dimension X, Escape, Suspense, Inner Sanctum, The CBS Radio Mystery Hour, X-Minus One, and The Hermit’s Cave on my AM FM radio. These programs inspired me to create stories not just to be read, but to be listened to,” - Kevin David Anderson


“A barrage of short, tongue-in-cheek blasts of horror that hit like a load of buckshot to a zombies’ braincase…”
-Brian Asman, author of Man, Fuck this House 

“Like a siren’s song, this collection draws you in and then delivers heart-stopping moments of terror.”

 -Evan Baughfman, author of The Emaciated Man

"Anderson does an amazing job creating characters you care about and fantastical murderous monsters, thrusting them into horrific situations and finding a nice blend of humor and brutality.”
-Mark Tullius,
author of Twisted Reunion and Untold Mayhem

“[Kevin David Anderson]…a master at leaving the reader wanting more…”

-Jason Hill, podcaster and voice actor

Anderson's story The Comforting débutes in the new anthology


From all the good things provided by advanced AI to the innocence of discovering new worlds, join our authors as they present uplifting stories of science fiction and fantasy.

With stories by - Alfred Smith, Elyse Russell, Steven D. Brewer, Kevin David Anderson, Maureen Bowden, Nels Challinor, Regina Clarke, Stephen C. Curro, Jetse de Vries, Nestor Delfino, Gail Ann Gibbs, Henry Herz, Gwen C. Katz, Brandon Ketchum, Julia LaFond, R. Jean Mathieu, Syn McDonald, Christopher Muscato, A.M. Weald, David Wright

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More Free audio stories...


This is one of my darkest tales. I'm not usually this dark, but it kind of fits in with 2020


read by Jason Hill - Listen on Youtube


The FUBAR Ritial is one of three stories in the episode of Horror Hill call "Fabled Fiends." My story is in the middles (about 21 minutes in). Its a Horror/Comedy that answers the question, what happens when two teenagers try to summon a demon with inadequate offerings and a dismal recitation of the unholy words. 

 Listen to The FUBAR Ritual 
on YouTube The FUBAR Ritual



Otis Jiry's long-running podcast is a staple horror show on the internet, and my short story The Room was featured with other author tales in season 5 episode 19 of Otis Jiry's Scary Stories Told in the Dark. I wrote this story over a year and a half ago and it hauntingly fits in way too well with our current crisis. 

read by Otis Jiry
 Listen on YouTube


The Box Born Wraith
This is my most requested story and you can listen to it being performed by Jason Hill from the Horror Hill podcast or from Norm Sherman from The Drabblecast

Jason Hill version on YouTube
Norm Sherman (Drabblecast) version on Youtube




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